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Company FAQ

Is Forexbitcoinmarket Brokers a 100% DMA/STP broker or a market maker?

Forexbitcoinmarket Brokers isn't a market maker and never trades against its clients. All trades are either passed on directly to the reference market (foreign exchange, equity CFDs), or they are hedged simultaneously and completely (indices, commodities, bonds). We are a true DMA/STP broker offering no conflict of interest whatsoever to our clients.

How safe is my money with Forexbitcoinmarket Brokers?

The security of your investment is our highest priority at Forexbitcoinmarket. All clients' funds are kept separately from any company capital and deposited with German and British banks. Clients' funds are kept in Wirecard Bank Germany, Barclays UK and the Royal Bank of Scotland Group. In the unlikely event of Forexbitcoinmarket declaring bankruptcy, no clients’ funds would be affected. In addition, Forexbitcoinmarket Group Ltd is a member of the Investor Compensation Fund.

General FAQ

What is the minimum deposit for a live account with Forexbitcoinmarket Brokers?

The minimum deposit is either 500 EUR (account in euro), 500 CHF (account in Swiss francs), 500 GBP (account in pound sterling), or 500 USD (account in US dollars). You can also make your initial payment into an account operated in euro in USD, for example. However, please note that you need the equivalent of 500 EUR in USD to be able to utilise the live account.

Does Forexbitcoinmarket Brokers offer different accounts for different investment volumes?

No. There is only one market and only one spread. Each trader is given the same market access with Forexbitcoinmarket Brokers. We believe that this is the most transparent option and that each trader deserves to get the best market access. Traders trading high volumes are able to get rebates on the commission payable. Rebates can be granted based on a proven volume traded. Please send an email regarding this to

Is there any commission due when trading via Forexbitcoinmarket Brokers and, if so, how much is it?

Yes, commission is charged when trading via Forexbitcoinmarket Brokers.We are completely transparent and do not hide any costs in the spread. You can see from our rates what spreads the market offers at the time (FX, stocks) or the spread we need for hedging ourselves in a particular reference market (CFDs on indices, commodities, bonds). If you execute a trade, we charge commission but we do not gain from your trade via the spread. We believe this approach is transparent and fair.

Does Forexbitcoinmarket Brokers permit scalping and automated trading?

Yes. We welcome you, no matter what your trading style and allow the use of any Expert Advisor (automated trading system). Forexbitcoinmarket Brokers doesn't have a dealing desk and never holds the counter position to the trader. We are therefore happy to welcome scalp traders.

Opening an account

How do I open a live account?

It’s fast and easy to open a live account with Forexbitcoinmarket Brokers. Fill in and complete the online Account Opening page uploading any requested documents, after which you will receive an email informing you of the next steps, with a download link to our platforms. After you have confirmed your email and your details have been verified and you are registered, you will receive another email with the login credentials for your live account. Don’t forget that in order to trade live, you will need first to deposit funds (a minimum of 500 units) into your account.

How can I transfer money to my live account?

There are different secure ways with which you can fund your trading account with Forexbitcoinmarket. You can transfer funds to your live account using either bank remittance (SEPA or non-SEPA) or Forexbitcoinmarket’s online payment solution. Your bank reference details will already be entered on the online Account Opening Form for the case you choose bank wire transfer. Please ensure the bank account is held in your name, and note that you will also have to provide a proof of payment (such as a bank statement or receipt) following your first wire transfer – but you will have to do this only once. To use Forexbitcoinmarket's online payment solution, visit My Forexbitcoinmarket to fund your account, after which you will need to email us, once only, a scanned copy of your credit card (the last 4 digits must be visible).

Other FAQs

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